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“To Allo” – its name loosely translated in English would be “Something Else” and that’s what our catering is. Over the years it has gained a very faithful clientele including major organizations of the Private and the Public Sector in Greece. Its reputation is spreading fast even beyond our national borders.

Teams that cook together, stay together…

Could it be the famed Greek spinach & cheese pie? The secret is in the handmade flaky crust enveloping tender spinach leaves mixed with feta cheese and flavored with the best Greek olive oil, a real treat! The home-made bread? The mouthwatering meatballs or the traditional Greek cookies? If you have a sweet tooth you may want to try their sweet semolina halvah pastry: click here for the recipe

It employs 7 full-time people and several part-timers.

This dedicated team has its plate full to the brim with plans for the expansion of their services.

Klimax Plus President Rosa, fourth from the left, and her talented crew Christos, Tasos, Marina, Maria, Despoina are “Something Else”.  Photo taken in front of the Catering store, Chalkidikis 37 & Koritsas St., Kerameikos, Athens

…and because food should never be wasted…

We believe in “zero-waste”. May be it comes from the way we were brought up. Throwing food out? Never! Our Catering distributes left-overs to homeless people in Athens and other people in need.

Day-old bread donated by bakeries in our neighborhood is also collected by volunteers in the Klimax Plus offices. We package it so people who can use it can pick it up. Lest we forget! We even make a delicious bread pudding and share it with everybody.

Day-old bread about to be packaged and distributed.

Clock Workshop 

Vasilis and Tasos working on new clock designs from recycled materials

Do you like grand-father clocks? We certainly do – working on the refurbishment of old clocks and the design of new ones, mostly from recycled materials, keeps our clock-makers busy.

Working with chemicals in the workshop
“Vissi d’arte…” Our own Resident Artist, Katerina Morfoniou in the clock workshop
Preparing the 2017 Clock Exhibition, Klimax Plus Building, Dekeleon St
“My grandfather’s clock was too tall for the shelf…”

Recycle – Refurbish- Reuse

Items we collect, refurbish and repurpose include old furniture, clothes, and even some plastics.

No|thing to Waste


Table Top Clock

Paper Collection and Recycling

A major activity of “Klimax Plus” employing directly 22 people. These services are provided to public and private sector companies (such as health organizations, hospitals, banking groups, etc.). Klimax Plus has a long-term contract with the biggest banking group in Greece, providing recycling services to all its branches in the Attica Region.

The Paper Recycling Team with Thomas, our Finance Officer and Recycling Expert in the middle of the second row
Collecting Office Paper
We have plans for these caps!

Our Library

KLIMAKA magazine on the Bookshelf

Donated old books and CDs find a home on the shelves of our Library. This is also keep the archive of the issues of the KLIMAKA publications, including the issues of the KLIMAKA magazine

Radio and Entertainment 

Klimax Plus Radio Studio

Radio – The Online “Klimax Plus Radio” is run by a group of volunteers who produce radio shows that combine entertainment with information on the situation of disadvantaged people, thus raising awareness and mobilizing civic engagement. Now you too can tune in and enjoy wonderful music from around the world, literature and poetry readings, interviews with leading authors, poets, musicians, photographers in Greece and with everyday people who share their views on current events, and so much more.

“Porfyra” – Art Space & Events Venue is a cultural centre run by volunteers. This is a facility for sharing and learning on mental illness and social exclusion. It provides space for cultural and training events of Klimax Plus, and for third parties.
Klimax Plus uses it as a place where people from different cultural and social backgrounds can meet and share their experiences and ideas. In addition, it hosts the Library on Mental Health and Culture which offers services to students, professionals and the public.

No entertainment is ever complete without a live band. Klimax Plus helped people with mental health and psychosocial problems set up the “Alternativa” – the Group that provides entertainment in hospitals and in psychiatric institutes and units. The Alternativa entertains and improves the quality of life of many people while empowering its members through music and artistic expression.

We are determined to continue and expand our activities to benefit as many people as possible. Always in the spirit of achieving environmental goals, promoting the principles of “zero-waste” and the circular economy we look for ways to add more good and meaningful jobs so that fewer people will suffer the stigma and anguish of economic marginalization.

Together for a better world

Klimax Plus

for a Co-operative and Equal society