Our Neighborhood

We admit it: We are privileged. And somewhat spoiled.

When we go to work everyday we see the history of this city enfolding before our eyes.

All 3.000 years of it and more.

In the background the Parthenon on the Acropolis

The Parthenon viewed from Iera Odos

and in the foreground Kerameikos (or Ceramicus in latin-if you prefer), one of the most serene and moving archaeological sites in Athens.

The ancient Potters’ Quarter that extended both within and outside the city walls by the banks of the Eridanus River, the third biggest river of Athens during its Golden Age. Kerameikos was also the site of the Ancient Athens’s cemetery. Today many important funerary sculptures are exhibited in the Kerameikos Museum, a small gem that merits a visit.

Kerameikos, the Potters’ Quarter and the ancient cemetery by the banks of the Eridanus River-there is still a trickle of water to remind us its existence

And then right across Piraeus Street, linking Athens to the harbor of Piraeus, the old Gas Works, once abandoned and now transformed into an open air Gallery. The neighborhood is also known as Gazi (the Gas Factory), so don’t get confused with the different names.


Post-industrial transformation of the old Gas Works – Kerameikos, Technopolis (Kunststadt)

All you have to do is take the metro and get off at Kerameikos Station and you will be in for a treat: great art works by important Graffiti artists on the Technopolis walls.

 Graffiti inspired from the old Gas works on the Technopolis wall, Kerameikos
More stunning graffiti on Piraeus St, across from Technopolis, Gazi

If you take a turn to the smaller streets and alleys off Piraeus street the scenery changes again. Neoclassical buildings, some of them abandoned, their beautiful structure wounded, the walls in need of repairs but still maintaining the allure of their wonderful past. Just look at the wrought iron balustrade, the french windows or what is left of the roof tiles and the pillar by the window. And yes, even the porcelain electric insulators.

Kerameikos street-old neoclassical house
A little Far East inspiration. Kerameikos Street.

Tired? Just take a stroll in the park along Piraeus steet. Your steps will take you to Thesion and from there to the Acropolis or may be to Monastiraki and the old town.

Early Spring Sunshine: the Park on Piraeus Street

Walking down Dekeleon street and toward our offices – what an amazing mix of styles!