Klimax, in Greek,  means “the ladder” a metaphor that evokes the image of empowering people to climb out of social and economic exclusion.

Klimax Plus is a social cooperative established in 2005 that followed on the footsteps of the cooperative “Klimax”, a pioneer organization in Greece that since 1996 engaged in the socio-economic integration of people with mental disorders and psychological and social problems. It is a cooperative of the 3rd Division of Mental Health for Attica and a private legal entity with limited liability of its members. It was established by Ministerial Decision Υ5β/Γ/Γ.Π.39748 10/05/2005 and operates under the supervision of the Mental Health Division of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.

In 2003 Greece passed to the second phase of the “Psychargos” program for the deinstitutionalisation of the mentally ill. According to the program, the mentally ill that could be discharged from psychiatric and hospital clinics would lead full lives with supervised care in Psycho-social rehabilitation structures.

Klimax Plus actively supported this effort. Through the visionary and dedicated work of its founder and the tireless work of its members it contributed to a true “paradigm shift” in the delivery of mental health care services in Greece: from institutionalization and confinement behind walls and locked doors to continuous care under specialized medical supervision in rehabilitation facilities. The next step was the socio-economic integration of de-institutionalized people through on-the-job training and work integration.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life and enhance the socio-economic rehabilitation of persons with mental health problems and other socially excluded people, including homeless, Roma, ex-prisoners and the long-term unemployed.

Klimax Plus develops sustainable business activities in the social economy with environmental focus for the economic empowerment and socio-economic rehabilitation and integration of the most vulnerable people in our society. It generates income mainly from market sources in the sectors of:

  • recycling, repurposing and reuse and
  • catering services

Employees of Klimax Plus serve as positive role-models for their communities and other socially excluded groups and at-risk persons (homeless, Roma, ex-prisoners, immigrants, people with mental disorders – among others), by acting as multipliers in their micro-societies and by encouraging others to engage in initiatives in the social economy.

We, also, put our efforts into capacity building for the social enterprises eco-system, through interventions, mentoring and the offer of our experience and expertise at the national and European level for the promotion of a simple but robust social impact reporting system for social enterprises. The system helps demonstrate the economic value of social enterprises and their benefits to stakeholders and society in general in a transparent way.

Klimax Plus is seen as a reference model for work integration in Greece, and has been active in sharing its approach, practices, experiences and results to a range of stakeholders and social initiatives.

Klimax Plus has also taken steps to transfer and adapt its business model elsewhere in Greece by encouraging teams of engaged citizens and disadvantaged people who consider establishing their own social enterprise in their field of interest.

Visit our Website: www.koispe.org (but you must speak some Greek to navigate it!)

Email us (in Greek, English, French or  German, Spanish and Italian, for the latter three we will use the dictionary or some help from automatic translation) at: info@koispe.org

Tel. +30 210 34 63 980, +30 210 34 76 550

Fax. +30 210 34 76 580

If you live or visit Athens come visit us.

Our doors are always open (OK at some point at night we do go home!)

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